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AHRQ: Handoffs and Signouts

AHRQ: Handoffs and Signouts

Recognizing discontinuity of care within hospital settings has led to impactful changes to improve patient safety, experience, and care. A “Patient Safety 101” AHRQ article discusses a critical aspect of disjointed care—provider communication—and how organizations have improved handoffs and signouts to ensure key patient information is transferred from clinician to clinician in a structured and clear way.  

The AHRQ article highlights an important I-PASS study and its ability to standardize verbal and written handoffs utilizing a mnemonic. In addition to structured handoffs, the I-PASS Bundle includes training in handoff communication, an integrated platform, and more. Proven to reduce adverse events associated with handoffs, the I-PASS methodology is considered the gold standard of communication between clinicians.  

Read the article to learn more about the evolution of handoffs and signouts and the I-PASS Bundle’s role in improving patient safety.


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