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I-PASS Institute Earns MedPro Group Endorsement

I-PASS Institute Earns MedPro Group Endorsement

Leading liability insurer, MedPro Group, recognizes I-PASS as trusted solution for reducing medical errors


BOSTON, Mass. – September 26, 2023 – I-PASS, the gold standard for reducing communication-related medical errors for healthcare providers nationwide, today announced that it has been endorsed by MedPro Group as a trusted patient safety and risk management solution. The I-PASS handoff bundle is a proven, sustainable solution for minimizing patient harm and improving care transition communication.

MedPro Group is the nation’s leading malpractice carrier, offering their network of more than 300,000 healthcare providers customized insurance, claims, patient safety, and risk management services and solutions. The endorsement signifies a shared commitment between MedPro Group and I-PASS to reduce communication-related adverse events that contribute to patient harms.

Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States, with miscommunication being a key factor in most of these errors. Furthermore, according to data published in the Journal of Patient Safety, 49% of medical malpractice claims involve miscommunication. The I-PASS handoff bundle is designed to address the issue of care transition miscommunication by providing a structured framework for reliable handoffs. Hospitals and health systems that have implemented the I-PASS handoff methodology have successfully reduced handoff-related harms by 76%, preventing more than three million major and minor safety events.

“We’re honored to receive this vote of confidence from MedPro, an organization that has long recognized the severity of miscommunication in patient care and the importance of improving patient safety,” said William Floyd, CEO of I-PASS. “This partnership enables us to offer our solution to hospitals that share our mission of achieving zero patient harm.”

“Errors in patient handoffs are a tremendous issue across the industry,” said Graham Billingham, MD, Chief Medical Officer of MedPro Group. “We believe organizations that leverage I-PASS can begin addressing the root cause of miscommunication to improve patient safety and decrease liability exposure. We look forward to seeing the impact that I-PASS will have in optimizing clinician communication and elevating the standard of care.”

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About MedPro Group 

As the USA’s first provider of healthcare liability (“HCL”) insurance, MedPro Group – a Berkshire Hathaway company – has protected the assets and reputations of the healthcare community since 1899. With a financial strength rating of A++ from AM Best, MedPro Group is the leader in customized insurance, claims, and patient safety and risk solutions for more than 300,000 physicians, surgeons, dentists and other healthcare professionals, as well as hospitals, senior care and other healthcare facilities. HCL insurance products in the USA are administered by MedPro Group and underwritten by The Medical Protective Company, Princeton Insurance Company, PLICO, Inc., MedPro RRG Risk Retention Group and other Berkshire Hathaway affiliates, including National Fire & Marine Insurance Company.

About I-PASS

The I-PASS Patient Safety Institute is a clinical leader in patient safety, enabling a standard of care for patient handoffs and closed-loop communication. Founded by clinicians in 2016, the I-PASS Institute leverages expert mentorship paired with technology and digital tools to scale the I-PASS methodology. The I-PASS Institute's solution, the I-PASS Bundle, consists of three core technical components—I-PASS Training, I-PASS Assessment and Improvement, and I-PASS­ eVIEW. When used in unison and with the guidance of an expert coach, institutions can reduce patient harm caused by miscommunication. I-PASS is currently implemented in more than 100 healthcare institutions across the continuum of care. Learn more at

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