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Medscape: Are All 'Mandatory' Trainings at Hospitals Truly Necessary?

Medscape: Are All 'Mandatory' Trainings at Hospitals Truly Necessary?

Medscape recently shared a video highlighting the negative impact too many mandatory trainings can have on healthcare workers. As discussed in the brief video, healthcare workers often view mandatory trainings negatively—especially when the modules are redundant and feel like an arbitrary box to check. However, according to Medscape, evidence-based trainings with a proven track record of success, such as the I-PASS handoff method, motivate clinicians because they recognize the impact that their efforts make in improving care delivery. The video also showcased a recent Journal of Hospital Medicine study highlighting how I-PASS training can cut adverse events in half. While workplace trainings are important, healthcare institutions must utilize evidence-based trainings to engage and educate caregivers.


Watch the full Medscape video to learn more.


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