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The eVIEW Difference: Customize and Scale Digital Handoffs Across Your Health System

The eVIEW Difference: Customize and Scale Digital Handoffs Across Your Health System

In today’s complex healthcare landscape, utilizing technology to optimize communication workflows is essential to the success of any organization. For hospitals and health systems, structured communication across team members, guided by technology, can be the difference between a positive patient experience and an adverse harm event. In our recent product demo, we explore a foundational component of the I-PASS methodology, eVIEW digital handoffs, and the core features, functionalities, and benefits of the platform.

As a scalable platform, I-PASS eVIEW gives caregivers the tools they need to conduct highly reliable care transitions across the organization. Developed by clinicians, for clinicians, eVIEW brings structure and clarity to both verbal and written handoff communications, improving patient safety and enhancing teamwork and clinical coordination, which has been shown to reduce provider burnout. eVIEW integrates seamlessly with all major EHRs and auto-populates patient data in real time, creating greater efficiency while keeping protected health information safe and secure. eVIEW’s ready-to-use templates cover most major healthcare specialties, reducing IT resources and saving teams valuable time and effort. Additionally, eVIEW’s reporting allows users to customize their written handoffs by pulling in new fields to capture the desired clinical data.

The I-PASS handoff methodology is the gold standard of handoff communications in healthcare, reducing patient harms by nearly 50%. Implementing structured handoff communications across teams empowers caregivers to share and obtain the information they need to deliver high quality care and makes vulnerable care transitions more efficient, reliable, and safer for patients. 

Watch our product demo to learn more about the power of eVIEW. 

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