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The Pulse Podcast: Behind the Scenes — Challenges in Medicine

The Pulse Podcast: Behind the Scenes — Challenges in Medicine

I-PASS co-founder Christopher Landrigan recently sat down with NPR reporter Liz Tung on their podcast, The Pulse, to discuss the long-standing debate surrounding the duration of physician shifts.

After Dr. Landrigan experienced the effects of sleep deprivation firsthand during residency, he became an advocate for capping physician shifts. He has since committed to researching the impact of long work hours on physicians' mental health, physical well-being, and ability to deliver high-quality care. When concerns surfaced that work shifts could lead to increased handoff errors, Dr. Landrigan began wondering if it would be possible to create a safer system for handoffs. This led to the development of the I-PASS handoff methodology, a proven blueprint for conducting care transitions to capture often-missed patient information, prevent miscommunication, reduce medical errors, and enable hospital leaders to confidently shorten residency hours.

Tune in to the full episode to learn more.

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